Kinship Calculator
The Kinship calculator allows converting, transforming and analyzing kinship relations.
You can access to it by the command Tools > Calculator.
Kinship relations can be entered in any notation. The calculator contains three lines in order to allow unary and binary operations. These operations can act on fully specified relations or on a relational schema (without specification of gender).

The Standard button allows bringing the entered formula to its standard form. Then it will begin with the longest ascending and most "agnatic" chain (a chain is the more agnatic the more male members it contains and, in case of equality, the higher the position of these members). 

You can change the ego/alter point of view by clicking on :

  • Reflect : inverses ego and alter

  • Rotate : replaces ego by the next married pivot (not married to ego). In consanguine relations, it is equivalent to identity.

You can perform some binary operations for composing and combine kinship relations :

  • Compose : composes relation 3 by linking alter of relation 1 to ego of relation 2 (by marriage in the heterosexual case, identity in the homosexual case)

  • Insert : calculates the relation 3 implied between ego and alter of relation 1 if ego's parents are in relation 2

  • Switch : switches the selected relation from standard to positional notation, and vice-versa.

  • ***GAP Develop : [...] all relations of a same type

  • ***GAP Analyze : [...] a relation producing the analytic profile of the relation in the Report window